The Minion Networks business model is to provide the fabric as a service, so many and diverse systems of devices and applications can interoperate – and so other fabrics can inter-connect.

Our goal is to reduce the cost of communications in the Internet of Things to cents per month per device.

Partners can access the network through one of the Minion Mesh Gateways – where each Gateway can support 100,000 devices in a contiguous area that could stretch for miles.  In a Minion Mesh the devices form the network, so the greater the density of devices the better the network works – exactly the opposite of other IOT wireless systems.

Partners license the Minion Mesh firmware, and access the network through a standard network license agreement.

We are very flexible in our partnering arrangements.

We can provide Minion as a Cloud service. We can also “white label” the technology to enable partners or end users to manage their own Minion Networks.

Licencing is typically geographic or market vertical based, however we will consider a combination of both for the right partner.

Bosco Lighting and Professional Automation are good examples of that.

To enquire about becoming a Minion Networks partner please contact us.